Ethical Issues in Labor Law and Policies Implementation in Saudi Arabia

Ethical Issues in Labor Law and Policies Implementation in Saudi Arabia

INSTRUCTION: This is a GROUP assignment of THREE students in a group (refer below Table). You have to write in an essay of REAL ethical issue(s),

general or specific related to particular scope/area in Saudi Arabia as given below:

  1. Ethical Issues in Environmental Protection in Saudi Arabia
  2. Ethical issues in Consumer Protection in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Ethical Issues in Marketing and Advertising in Saudi Arabia
  4. Ethical Issues in Labor Law and Policies Implementation in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Ethical Issues in Corporate Code of Business Ethics of Companies in Saudi Arabia.
  6. Ethical Issues in Information Technology and New Technologies in Saudi Arabia.

For this exercise you are required to determine a general or specific REAL issue related to the scope/area assigned to your group. You may source

information from the Web-Internet, Magazines, Journals etc.

Summarize your findings in writing (word format) in the following format: (a) Introduction – background of the chosen general or specific issue, company or

individual, industry etc., (b) Contents – explicit discussion of the chosen issues, problems, related laws, statistics etc., and (c) Conclusion.

Grading of the work will be based on the following:

13-15 marks : Contains clear introduction, discuss all main ideas with good continuity of ideas, and conclusion.

10-12 marks : There is some main ideas being discussed but parts are not fully discussed or covered and lack continuity of ideas.

7-9 marks : It is extremely simple, shallow and no clear continuity in discussing important ideas or disorganized.

4-6 marks : It is disjointed, rambling.

1-3 marks : It is unclear.

Submission Requirements:

  1. a) Minimum 8 pages
  2. b) Spacing: 1.5 spacing
  3. c) Paper Margins: (Top 1.0 cm, Bottom 1.0 cm) (Left 1.0 com, Right 1.0 cm)
  4. d) Fonts Size: Times New Roman – 12; Arial – 11
  5. e) Front/Cover Page: Title, Name and #ID of Group Members
  6. f) Submit Hardcopy and Softcopy.

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